Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who Knew?

Awhile back, I recall reading a "Top 10" list of the municipality's "Local Wonders". For the most part, there were no big surprises. The Oil Sands Discovery Centre, MacDonald Island, the Birchwood Trails.....they were all there. The one addition to the list that did surprise me though was the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road. Who knew? Having lived in places that relied on winter roads (or places that had no roads access at all) I can certainly appreciate the road's importance to residents of Fort Chipewyan or Fort Smith. Not to disparage it at all (it is quite a wonder such a road can be built given its length, the remoteness and all the challenges of geography involved), but to see it on a "Top 10" list? Who knew? I only bring this topic up because we happened to see part of it last February (it was pretty neat and the kids enjoyed the bumpy ride) AND the post I wrote about our little adventure has remained among this blog's most often-visited posts. Again, who knew?