Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oops, Wrong Address

Next month will mark 3 years since I've owned my house here and in that time I have to say the house has had a strange relationship with Canada Post.  Occasionally, I still have mail show up in my box addressed to the previous owner.  Of course, this has more to do with the actions of said previous owner than Canada Post but I still find it amusing.  I've had mail show up for the young couple that moved in next door to me last year and mail for a house one street over that shares the same house number but different street name.  Both street names do start with the same letter but one is an animal and the other shares a name with my alma mater.  I actually got so much mail for this place that I went for a walk one day just out of curiosity to see where this other place was and if it even existed. Turns out it does.   I'm not sure why my house seems to attract all this errant mail.

I only bring this up because of a funny little episode that happened today when I got home from work.  A note was left by a tenant saying that some guy was going to show up at the house in the early evening about his mail.  I thought this was weird because I hadn't received anything unusual in the past little while.  It all became clear when the guy came to my door.  He was new to the city, only just moved to a place on the other end of my street a few days ago.  Apparently a friend of his had mailed him a small parcel but he had given him my house number which was one digit off from his.  So could I please watch out for it and let him know when it arrives and I do apologize and feel rather sheepish yadda yadda yadda.  No worries I assured him.  If the parcel doesn't fit in the box my tenant who works nights will be home even though I'll be at work so, hey, not a problem.

Much relieved the man went on his way.  I had to chuckle, wondering how someone could screw up their own house number but I suppose these things do happen.  One last little quirk to the story.....this fellow and I shared the same first name and the first last initial.

I'll just file this one under "odd".

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eyes of Blue and Almost 2!

Hard to believe that someone is almost 2!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valley Views

With today's weather bright and sunny and temperature flirting with the freezing mark, its hard to believe that about 3 weeks ago things were so frigid.  I decided to take advantage of things while I could and head out on a trail along the lip of the valley.  This section of trail is one of my favorites and I don't get out on it nearly as much as I'd like.

As always, the views didn't disappoint.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bathroom Success!

I was beginning to think I'd never see the day but my bathroom is now complete.  (Okay, there's still the light fixture but that's a minor issue compared to the other things I needed to get taken care of.)  I had the new flooring installed this morning and got the new toilet put on late this afternoon to finish things off.

It's my first upgrading/reno I've ever done and I'm pretty impressed with the results if I do say so myself.  I was hoping to get it all taken care of for under $1000 and as an added bonus I managed to come in slightly under that.

And what a huge difference now!  From this........ this!

Much brighter and cleaner looking.  Rather than getting in and out as fast as I could I can now linger and enjoy the fruits of my labours.  (No, I haven't "christened" the toilet yet for those who were wondering.)  But at any rate, I can finally say.....Goodbye forever my old '80's bathroom!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Wow, I've been a bad blogger the past little while.  It's not that I don't have anything to write about but more to do with deciding what to write and then getting it down on paper so to speak.  That, plus my brain is a bit mushy after work on some days.  I promise to have something more substantive soon (yes, I know I promised that LAST time....but this time I really, REALLY promise) so in the meantime, I give you a random run down of thoughts....

1.  I blogged about going to work "in the field" in a previous post, which is scaffolder-speak for heading down into the plant to work with a scaffolding crew rather than just yard work.  To my frustration, I was told last week this wasn't going to happen.  Without rehashing details its just politics I suppose.  But apparently, now I might be going afterall.  Hopefully, I'll learn details of this tomorrow.  So I was promised something, told it wouldn't happen, not really told why it wouldn't happen and then told that, hey, it might happen afterall.  Is there an election campaign going on at the moment?  Because it kind of feels just like that. ;)

2.  My bathroom floor gets installed this Friday if all goes according to plan.  I can't wait to have this done as it seems to have taken forever.  My very awesome tenant even took some time out of his busy day to sink a few screws into the floor to take out the worst of the squeaks.  My excitement over this tells me that I'm getting old.  I joke at work about how all the 20-somethings talk about how they are going to this pub, that club etc. and how awesome it will be while I get giddy over a new bathroom floor as the highlight of my weekend.  Ah, the trials and tribulations of home ownership.

3.  I've been expanding my musical listening lately and have found some great keyboard stuff by Telemann.  Yes, I know my musical taste is stuck in the 18th century.  Telemann was a contemporary of Bach which goes a long way to explaining his modern-day obscurity to most people.  Which is a shame, really, because he really did write some catchy melodies.

4.  We've had an ungodly amount of snow this year.  I'm not looking forward to cleaning up the yard when it all melts.

5.  I've discovered the ride home from work is a great opportunity to do some reading.  (I'm on a bus, not driving a car, I should add).  Other than Farley Mowat and Stephen King I've never really focused on the books of a single author, but for the past year and a bit, I've gotten heavily into books by the Welsh author Ken Follett.  It started out purely by accident when I discovered his book "Fall of Giants" which quickly led to other, including "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End".  I'm now on about my 10th book or so.  I was never really into James Bond-type thrillers and I do find his writing style a bit annoying at times BUT many of them are historically-based to varying degrees and he writes good suspense so I find them damned hard to put down.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Belly of the Beast

While Eastern Canada is getting pummeled with snowy weather, I can say we've had our share of snow here this winter. Certainly, this is the most snow I've seen in my 4 winters out here. The mercury is due to creep up over the freezing mark in the coming days and while I'm grateful for a break from the intense cold we've experienced here of late, part of me can't help but wonder what kind of mess we'll have when all our snow starts to melt in the Spring.

I have quite the piles of snow piled up in the front yard here.  Fortunately, I'm pretty sure I have the biggest front yard on the street so I started out the winter season with plenty of space for piling snow, although now I'm starting to wonder just where I'll put it if we get much more.

Here is a shot from my bedroom window of the overhang from the roof.  The snow below isn't sitting on the lawn but it on top of the porch roof at my front door.   It gives me the feeling of staring out from the mouth of some large monster every time I peer out.

Here's a shot of the backyard (such as it is).  It's not exactly palatial but it is pretty private.  There's a fire pit somewhere under that big mound of snow to the bottom right.  I suspect I'll have quite the swampy mess back here when it all starts to melt since much of my backyard sits in the house's shadow for large parts of the day and it will take a lot of heat to melt and then evaporate everything.

Ever the optimist, though, as I said, it is nice to have some milder temperatures.  I'll definitely take it.  Perhaps a nice little wintry hike is in the plans for my days off here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Plans Gone Awry

I guess I'll never really understand some drivers out there and their need to speed.....regardless of weather conditions.  Frankly, I think I'll just stick with Bach.  I have a much easier time deciphering and analyzing 4- or 5-voice fugue than the brains of some people.  Granted, driving conditions in the region have been far from ideal this winter, but it just seems to me there's been a crazy outbreak of traffic delays and highway closures this winter.  I've actually lost track of how many times parts of either Highway 63 or 881 have been closed.  Yes, one instance was due to weather, but many more were due to traffic accidents.  I don't drive but I still have to travel 63 on a daily basis to get to work.  Thankfully, I have no reason to travel on 881.  (I used to live off of 881 prior to moving here so those who know me best know I'd rather stick a fork in my ear than go anywhere down in that general direction.)

Anyhow, I  had plans to see an Oil Barons game this evening but as it turns out, the game was canceled.  The bus carrying the opposing team from Lloydminster got stuck behind an accident on highway 881.  So no game tonight.  I'm not saying driver error was responsible in this instance though I have my suspicions.  The team was apparently going to host a skate with the team in lieu of the game but since  me skating is like a woman in her final moments of pregnancy (in pain and screaming if not heavily drugged) I decided to take a pass on it.