Sunday, April 2, 2017

Icy Trails

As the weather warms I find it increasingly difficult to stay inside.  Yes, I wanted to do a little birding but I had no real destination in mind.  For the most part, I just wanted to stretch my legs and enjoy some sun.  I more or less randomly ended up over by the Birchwood Trails.  

Trail conditions were much different since the last time I had been here.  Back in February, while there were icy patches there was enough snow to give me the traction I needed.  Not so this time.  I made a couple of abortive attempts to get down into the valley, each time to find a small skating rink blocking my way.  But I can't say I wasn't warned...

I had to content myself with the trail along the top of the valley, but this eventually lead me to a section of trail I had never actually explored before.   Once I reached the lower part of Thickwood, I had an interesting view across to the Timberlea neighbourhood.  I think this damage was caused less by last year's wildfire and more by efforts of responders to clear sections of brush to deprive the fire of more fuel.  

I was rewarded with a nice little "peek a boo" view of the river...

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