Wednesday, May 3, 2017

One Year Later

At the risk of stating the obvious, today marks quite a day in the history of Alberta and Fort McMurray especially.  While I've known for months that I would be marking the date with a blog post and have had plenty of time to think of what to say, I have to admit that I'm still looking for words and thoughts.  Not because I was overly traumatized or affected (my part of the city emerged almost untouched compared to other areas), but really, what can I say that hasn't already been said?

May 3, 2016 began pretty much like any other day.  I went to work, just as I did this morning, one year later, in fact.  Aside from being unseasonably warm, I immersed myself in my daily routines and went about my day.   Of course, as we now all know, it was to be a day quite unlike any other as I found myself caught up one of the biggest natural disasters in Canadian history.  It feels weird to think that.  It really does.  Generally, I'm a pretty reserved and private individual.  While I'm used to my community being in the news because of our industry here, it was quite another thing to be in the news because of a massive wildfire.  Officially known as MWF-009, it was soon dubbed "The Beast", and for good reason:  it seemed relentless.  But people fought back......and ultimately tamed it.

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